When you join NOW, your membership dues include membership on the National, State, and Chapter levels.  You will automatically be included in National and State memberships, but to join a chapter you must specify the chapter, using the chapter number.  Our chapter number is NJ0385.  To join NOW via their website, click here.  If you are a returning/renewing member, you can rejoin at this link.

If you would prefer to join by mail, download the latest issue of our newsletter, The Equal Write.  On the next to the last page, there is a Membership Form with info on where to send a check.  Please note: this form is not for members who are renewing.  You must renew through National NOW.

NOW’s policy is that no person shall be denied membership because of inability to pay. Memberships are available on a sliding scale from $10 to $35 (based upon ability to pay). Installment payments are also available. If you are committed to NOW, but are unable to pay the membership dues, we urge you to speak to our Membership Vice President to make some other arrangement.