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Why, then, do women need power? Because power is freedom. Power allows us to accomplish what is important to us, in the manner that we best see fit. It separates the doers from the dreamers.

— Patti F. Mancini, 1989 speech
WHAT is ALICE’s List?

It is a non-partisan fundraising network to support feminist, pro-choice women in contested local New Jersey elections to empower all women and bring them into full political, financial, and social equality. ALICE’s List supports endorsed candidates by coordinating its network of donors who contribute to the financial resources of those campaigns.

Unlike other political action committees that support only candidates who can demonstrate political viability, we want to give every qualified woman a chance to run for local public office. We want qualified women to run, and we don’t want money to be a prohibiting factor!

ALICE, the title of the program, was chosen for our namesake Alice Paul and is an acronym for: Ability, Leadership, Integrity, Choice, and Equality.

WHY is ALICE’s List needed?

Although women account for 51.4 percent of the voting population, they are not represented in such proportion at any level of government. New Jersey, in particular, ranks among the lower half of all the states in the percentage of women currently holding elected positions.

Candidates establish political credibility in part by demonstrating financial strength. Contributions made early in a campaign and aimed at women candidates will increase their chances for success.

WHO are ALICE’s List Endorsed Candidates?

Prior to an election, we post a flyer with info on our endorsed candidates. Included with the flyer is how to donate to their campaign.

HOW to Support ALICE’s List Candidates

Make a donation–$25 or as much as you can to as many of the endorsed candidates as you can. Every dollar helps! By law, write checks to the candidate’s campaign fund (as indicated in our flyer) but for delivery to the candidate; mail to the address provided in the flyer (not to the candidate).